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The company was founded in 2014 by Frederik Bagger; truly a fireball in the design industry. Growing up, he was introduced to great design by his father Erik Bagger, who has become the creator of several iconic designs over the years.

Frederik Bagger learned about everything, from Scandinavian design and aesthetics to real materials and great craftsmanship. This was the foundation for the high quality of all Frederik Bagger’s designs today.

Frederik Bagger has followed his dreams and ambitions to create one of the most well-known and loved design brands in Scandinavia. Today, he has combined all the knowledge from his early years with his own original visions for design.

When Frederik Bagger established the company, he wanted to put his mark on the industry by daring to be different. Frederik believed that the industry was in need of a new breath of air. New inspiration. More provocative. Something seductive. Most importantly, something outstanding that challenges perfection. These are the values that make up the universe of Frederik Bagger’s designs.

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