Inspired by culture and derived from nature, St.Leo creates premium, eco-friendly paint and plaster that elevates the experience of architectural spaces.


Established in 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark, St.Leo draws upon Scandinavian heritage and craftsmanship to produce interior wall coverings from the finest ingredients with a focus on sustainability, tactility and understated elegance.


St.Leo is founded on a passion for collaboration and is fortunate to work with a community of industry-leading designers, stylists, architects and taste-makers to develop exciting projects.


St.Leo´s Dolomite Plaster collection features 16 coloured plasters designed for interior walls and surfaces. The pre-mixed, coloured plasters are packaged in unique rectangular containers, ready to be applied onto interior walls with a roller and trowel, and finished with a trowel or brush to create a variety of elegant textures. Original Pigments is a collection of paints crafted from premium, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients to achieve timeless beauty that is uncompromising on quality. The collection comprises three paints designed for interior walls and ceilings and three paints for wood and metal surfaces. Offered in a variety of matte and gloss levels and includes water repellent finishes.