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Starting as a small family workshop specialising in upholstery, the foundation stones of Wendelbo were laid in 1955. Six decades and three generations later, the story of the Danish family with a strong dedication to design continues to unfold and prosper.

Today, Wendelbo is an international design company fusing uncompromising upholstery and complementing design icons. Forming long-lasting collaborations with international designers, our collection bridges skilled craftsmanship, supreme quality, and a sophisticated international design signature.

While paying homage to the Danish design heritage, we differentiate ourselves by remaining unrestrained towards rigid design directions. Collaborating with acclaimed international designers, our collection bridges skilled craftsmanship, supreme quality and a sophisticated, international design signature – thereby fostering a refined idiom transcending borders and boundaries.

A deep dedication to the honoured craft of upholstery has been running in our veins since the very beginning. Though our collection today equally counts complementary design components to fulfil the needs of any spatial context, a majority of our collection consists of considered pieces, carefully calibrated for comfort, crafted and covered in tantalising tactile materials with granular details subtly intriguing the sense of touch. 

Ovata_Large chair_Spectrum col. 12, Arc_Coffee table large, Root_Rectangular_300 dpi.jpg
Folium_Dining chair_Grain col. 68243_Fiord col. 262, Ovata_Dining table_Limestone and brow
Wendelbo_Kite High Back_Tivoli col. 02, Coin Low_Dark Brown Oak.jpg
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